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CARE and partners launch RILHUB, an interactive learning platform on resilience and innovations

CARE and its partner organizations in the Philippines have joined forces to develop and launch the country’s newest platform for learning, reflection and collaboration on resilience building and innovations.

The Resilience and Innovation Learning Hub or RILHUB is a joint initiative of CARE (lead), Assistance and Cooperation for Community Resilience and Development (ACCORD), Agri-Aqua Development Coalition Mindanao and Citizens’ Disaster Response Center to develop and share learning materials on the following areas: disaster risk reduction; climate change adaptation; ecosystem restoration and management; and innovations.

“The Philippines is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. Solving complex challenges around increasing disaster risks, a changing climate and a degrading environment requires collective action and commitment to learn,” said David Gazashvili, CARE Philippines Country Director.

RILHUB’s primary objective is to create knowledge by gathering and synthesizing existing and new information, identifying good practices from its partners, and developing case studies, stories, tools and modules through an accessible online platform and learning events.

RILHUB will also hold regular conferences, talks, workshops, and dialogues across the country to help build capacity of organizations working with local communities.

The recently concluded soft launch of RILHUB in Quezon City, Philippines also served as its first learning activity. A talk on “Gender in Resilience” included presentations from CARE, the National Coalition of Rural Women and Partners for Resilience Philippines. The launching was also attended by various organizations involved in development programming.

“The vulnerable and marginalized groups in every community are the most affected by disasters and climate change impact. We recognize the importance of involving women, children, persons with disability and other groups in equal decision-making and participation in humanitarian and development program activities,” shared France Jimenez, RILHUB Coordinator.

RILHUB is also generating strength from the rich experiences of its founding partners and the communities they work with.

“Resilience building, to be truly inclusive, should include the narratives and learnings from vulnerable communities affected by recurring disasters. Working with them generated rich knowledge and information that are worth sharing, and the RILHUB is one of our ways of bringing these back to the communities, said Sindhy Obias, Executive Director of ACCORD.

RILHUB is now preparing for upcoming talks and learning events that will focus on important concepts, approaches and issues in resilience building and innovations.

“We are excited to feature more stories and case studies from the ground, work with experts, package materials and organize events. RILHUB is not an exclusive platform. We are looking forward to collaborate with more organizations, communities, academic institutions, media, artists, writers, and innovators,” added Jimenez.

To learn more about RILHUB, visit www.rilhub.org or contact info@rilhub.org.

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