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Research and Knowledge

CARE opens spaces for new and existing knowledge to be shared within and across different relevant development and humanitarian actors. CARE Philippines participates in local and international research within CARE and with other agencies.
CARE leverages learning and innovation from extensive research, particularly on resilience, gender and humanitarian action. For example, CARE is conducting a study on Climate Change Adaptation Funding as well as on self-recovery approaches of communities in areas affected by Typhoon Haiyan in collaboration with World Habitat.

The Resilience and Innovation Learning Hub Philippines or RILHUB is a platform for learning and reflection and source of knowledge in disaster risk reduction (DRR), climate change adaptation (CCA), ecosystem management and restoration (EMR), and innovations.

RILHUB further develops and integrates the IRM approach to combine DRR, CCA, EMR across all sectors of Philippine society. At present, RILHub also serves as a compendium and inventory of case studies, articles, best practices, and other resource materials on COVID-19 responses from different organizations. RILHUB works to help people and communities to prepare for and recover from disasters, adapt to climate change effects, develop innovative solutions, and engage with relevant stakeholders in increasing resilience.

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