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Integrated Risk Management

In the Philippines, CARE empowers vulnerable communities & local advocates to strengthen their resilience to various disasters. Thus, CARE is integrating disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation & ecosystems restoration and management across all our programs.

CARE’s resilience approach works not only in response to shocks and stresses but it is a permanent element of our programmatic thinking. It also goes hand in hand with integrating gender equality and inclusive governance as core elements of the pathway out of poverty and to a life with dignity.

CARE focuses on the following key capacities – called ‘the 3As and T for resilience’ – to help people better cope with shocks, stresses and uncertainty. They are relevant at all levels: individual, household, institutional, and the wider social system:

– Anticipate risks: foresee and reduce the impact of hazards that are likely to occur and be ready for unexpected events through prevention, preparedness and planning.

– Absorb shocks: accommodate the immediate impact that shock and stress have on lives, well-being and livelihoods, by making changes in usual practices and behaviors using available skills and resources, and by managing adverse conditions.

– Adapt to evolving conditions: adjust behaviors, practices, lifestyles and livelihood strategies in response to changed circumstances and conditions under multiple, complex and at times changing risks.

– Transform: influence the enabling environment and drivers of risks to create individual and systemic changes on behaviors, local governance and decision-making structures, market economics, policies and legislation.

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