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Abaca farmer proves that women can do greater things

Corazon Umalde proves the saying “A man may work from dusk to dawn, but a woman’s work is never done.” Being a single mother, it is a tough challenge for her to entirely raise all her children and provide their needs. But because of her love for her children, she’d do everything to provide for them even if she has to harvest abaca (Manila hemp) in the mountains every day.

Abaca farmers in Antique, Philippines have experienced the devastation of Haiyan, the strongest typhoon that made landfall. Four years after the unforgettable experience, they did more than just recover. More women are now actively engaging in abaca farming and able to support their family’s needs.

Corazon and the abaca farmers in Antique are being supported by CARE, Antique Development Foundation and the Global Affairs Canada in boosting and strengthening the abaca production in the province that gives additional income to them.

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