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Manual On Alternative Temporary Shelters

  • Rya Ducusin
  • Reports & Publications, Tools

The 2020 Alternative Temporary Shelter (ATS) Manual is an initiative of the Moving Urban Poor Communities in the Philippines toward Resilience (MOVE UP) Project. This manual is intended for new and experienced users with zero to advanced ATS System and shelter response knowledge. This manual aims to describe the importance and practical applications of ATS and offer step-by-step guidance on properly adopting and implementing select ATS solutions as a form of shelter response and early action during emergencies. This manual provides guidance to local government units, civil society organizations, community members, and other stakeholders on addressing the immediate shelter needs of internally displaced populations (IDPs) within a 24- hour to 36-hour period after a disaster and even for long-term displacements while conforming with universally accepted humanitarian principles and standards. This manual is a working document and shall be updated from time to time.

Contingency Planning Checklist

  • CARE Philippines
  • Education & Work, Reports & Publications, Tools

The Contingency Planning Checklist for Typhoons during a pandemic has benefitted from the experience of different national and local government agencies, development and humanitarian organisations, and the collective insights of the participants of the RILHUB Webinar, Planning for Typhoons during a Pandemic: A Practical Guide.

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